Bubble wrap is quite beneficial when it comes to shipping and delivering fragile or delicate items. Bubble wrap ensures a safe, damage-free delivery; since it is very light, they do not add any extra shipping costs. When it comes to carrying electronic products, it is always better to opt for anti static bubble wraps.

But one of the most frequently asked questions is - is bubble wrap antistatic? Anti-static bubble wrap is different from normal bubble wrap. These antistatic bubble wraps do not create any static charges like the regular ones. These have several benefits and hence they can be used for several purposes.

Is Bubble Wrap Antistatic

Is Bubble Wrap Antistatic

Benefits of Antistatic Bubble Wraps
The antistatic bubble wraps are perfect for protecting electrical equipment against the static, but also great for packing other items for a move. Hence, there will be no damage as static can cause a lot of problems for electrical equipment and tools. There are many benefits of these antistatic bubble wrap. These are:
They are available at a low cost.
They can eliminate any hazards of static electricity.
It can protect the items from any external damages.
They are non-abrasive in nature and provides scratch-proof protection to any items.
They are ideal for storing different things and packing.
E-commerce companies use them to ship different electrical and electronic components.

Why Use Antistatic Bubble Wraps?
The antistatic bubble wraps are different from that of the regular bubble wraps. The regular ones are not meant for the electrical tools and components. They can cause static electricity in some cases. But it can provide a great protection to fragile and delicate items. It is used largely by packing and moving companies to wrap things and pack. They are also used by certain e-commerce companies for shipping small or medium-sized delicate products such as cosmetics and makeups.
But they cannot be used for packing any electronic items. The static charge produced by these regular bubble wraps can cause damages to TV, computer monitor, tablet, smartphones etc. Thus, you need an antistatic packing material and there are anti static bubble-wraps available in the market. You can use them to eliminate the risk of damaging the electronic products while moving, storing or shipping. Even there are some antistatic bubble wrap pouches that come with zip-lock system. You can keep small electrical parts and components in it. They will remain safe and undamaged in these wraps.
Regular Bubble Wrap is Not 100% AntiStatic
Now, if you want to pack, store or ship any electrical or electronic products and components, then it is better to use these antistatic bubble wraps. As mentioned above, the antistatic bubble wraps not only protects the items from external damages or scratches, it can also keep the electronic items safe. There will be no damages caused due to the static charges that are often produced by the regular bubble wraps available in the market.

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